Top Tips for Maximising the Lifespan of Your Electric Vehicle Battery While Charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) have completely changed how we commute by providing a more environmentally friendly and clean form of transportation. It's important to take care of your electric car's battery to get the best performance and longevity out of it. In this article, we'll go through the best advice for extending the battery life of your electric vehicle while it's being charged.

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Tips to Maximise EV Battery Lifespan

Charge at the Right Time

It can be advantageous for your battery and your budget to charge your electric car when demand on the electrical grid is low. You may extend the life of your EV battery by avoiding peak charging rates and undue load on the system when charging during hours of low demand.

Avoid Frequent Fast Charging

Fast charging is practical for long trips, but repeated use might hasten battery deterioration. When feasible, choose softer battery slower charging techniques like Level 2 charging stations. Don't use rapid charging unless it's really required, and schedule your trips properly.

Keep Charging Levels at Optimal Levels

Your EV battery's longevity may be increased if you keep it within a suggested state-of-charge (SoC) range. Make sure the battery doesn't become too low or regularly exceed its full capacity. To balance range and battery life, the majority of experts advise keeping the battery SoC between 20% and 80%.

Conditions of Moderate Temperature

Hot or cold, extreme temperatures can have an impact on the performance and lifespan of batteries. To reduce exposure to direct sunlight, park your electric vehicle whenever possible in a shady place. Consider using a pre-conditioning option to warm up the battery before driving in chilly locations. Avoid charging the battery while it is too hot or cold, as this can affect the charging process.

Optimise Home Charging Infrastructure

Numerous advantages can be obtained by purchasing a high-quality home charging station and having it installed by qualified electrical contractors. Faster charging rates and more control over the charging process will be provided by a dedicated Level 2 charging station. You may charge your EV with confidence knowing that the installation was done properly and in conformity with electrical codes.

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Update Vehicle Software Frequently

Battery management system (BMS) upgrades are frequently released by manufacturers of electric vehicles. The effectiveness, performance, and lifespan of the battery can all be increased by these changes. Keep up with the most recent software upgrades and make sure your EV gets them right away.

For the battery in your electric vehicle to last as long as possible and continue to operate well over time, proper care must be taken. You can make sure that your EV battery stays strong and effective by adhering to these top recommendations.

Regular Battery Health Checks

It's essential to periodically assess the condition of your EV battery. Numerous electric cars come equipped with integrated tools or smartphone applications that let you keep an eye on the overall performance and state of health (SoH) of the battery. By routinely checking this data, you can spot any irregularities or degradation early on and make necessary corrections or changes to your charging routine.

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Strategic Route Planning

Longer trips can reduce the need for frequent fast charging by strategically routing your route to include charging stations. A more balanced charging routine can be encouraged and the stress on the battery can be lessened by spacing out your charging sessions and avoiding hurried top-ups.

Battery Cooling Systems

Certain electric cars have sophisticated battery cooling systems installed. It's crucial to make sure these systems are operating at their best, particularly in warm climates. Maintaining the cooling system's integrity is essential to preserving the battery's efficiency and extending its life, as overheating can hasten the degradation process.

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